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My name is Raphael S. Dauda. I am married to Faith and our union is blessed with two sons, David and Daniel.

I have a bachelor of arts in Christian education with ECWA Theological College Karu, Abuja and Masters in Theological Studies with Jos ECWA Theological Seminary.

I have been a pastor with Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Nigeria for nearly a decade. Reading, writing, teaching and singing are the things are enjoy doing.

The site Christian Reformation Commentary was birthed out of the concern for the deviation of the evangelical church from her Protestant beliefs and practices. The church during the medieval era had slides to mere human traditions and the Reformers had to stand for the restoration of the authority of the Bible as the highest authority in the church over human traditions.

For example, the teaching of meritorious salvation abound, and selling of penance and indulgence e.t.c. that all contravene scriptural teaching on salvation were the order of the day. The Reformers stood against all threats for the correction of these abnormalities.

The unfortunate thing, however, is that the modern Evangelical church seems to have ignored the work of these Reformers. The church rather appears to be embracing and promoting the very things the Reformers stood against. We seem not to know our identity and what we stand for. New movements, most of which have no regard for the Bible, that arose after the Reformation have infiltrated the Evangelical circle unabated.

The development of subsequent movements in the church after the Reformation have to view through the lens of the Bible the basis of Protestant Reformation Theology. A modern Evangelical Christian must be made to know how deceitful and detrimental most of these movements can be to one’s Christian life.